Get your app, product, or service in front of an audience dedicated to getting work done from the iPad. Every episode only has a single sponsorship slot to ensure your message cuts through and can have the time and attention needed to share why it is a truly great fit for the listener.

Past sponsors include: The Omni Group, Ulysses, Agenda, Drafts, Fantastical, Readdle, MagicMind, and PaperLike.

Here is what you get as the sole sponsor of an episode:

  • Episode opens by thanking the sponsor
  • After a brief guest introduction, a sponsor intro is given to provide more information about the sponsor
  • A mid-roll ad is shared that can be either written by the sponsoring company, or the host of iPad Pros is happy to write an ad copy based on bullets provided by the sponsoring company
  • Each episode ends by thanking the sponsor
  • A link and short description is included in the podcast description viewable in the podcast client and on the website
  • The sponsor is thanked in the tweet about the episode

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