Episode 1 – Podcast Production

Learn how to produce a podcast entirely on the iPad. The episode covers all hardware, software, apps and services needed to get the job done. The workflow includes the ability to record Skype, FaceTime or another VOIP service to have a guest on the show.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Video Extras

Links and Show Notes



  • App Webpage – https://www.wooji-juice.com/products/ferrite/
  • G (Split)
  • E Select All Following Tracks
  • S Move Playhead to Prior Clip
  • F Move Playhead to Next Clip
  • D Move Selected to Playhead
  • Space Play/Pause
  • Screen Cut
  • Drag front or ends of audio clips

Other Tools

  • Pippa (www.pippa.io)
  • Pixelmator (To Create YouTube Thumbnails)
  • Ulysses
  • Skype or FaceTime for Interviews

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