Episode 3 – LumaFusion Interview – Video Editor

On today’s episode we have Terri from LumaTouch (luma-touch.com). She is the co-founder, designer and product manager of the wonderful video editing application LumaFusion for iOS. We dive into the many features they pack into the app and what updates are in the works. If you do video editing on the iPad this is the essential app to get. It is the closest thing you’ll find to Final Cut Pro for iOS and it is in active development with some great features in the pipeline.

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Links and Show Notes

Visit http://www.Luma-Touch.com for more information about LumaFusion.

Intro Topics

  1. That Edit View is So Powerful
  • Line up multiple video/image/text tracks to create the perfect framing for your video
  • Frame and Fit Feature is Brilliant
  1. Multiple Video Tracks that You Can Resize in the Frame (3 Video Tracks, 3 Audio Tracks)

– What’s the potential to allow for more tracks to be added in the future?
2. Retiming
– I want speeding up and slowing down in the real timeline so I can match up a video speed to a voiceover
3. Extensive Keyboard Shortcuts
– Custom Keyboard Shortcuts? (Like Ferrite)
4. Copy and Paste Clip Attributes
– What attributes can you do this with?
5. Export options are great
– 4K

Explain the Advanced Features

  1. There are tons of super advanced features that may go overlooked – what are some of your favorite power editing features that we haven’t talked about yet?
  2. What kind of presets can you build (what are some good examples that will make life better for editors)
  3. What audio tools are in the app?
  4. What motion edits can be done in the app?

Other Notes

  1. Royalty Free Music Library Included (any plans to expand selection in the future, what was the financial investment for securing those?)
  2. Love that you can insert a blank clip (what uses are there of this)
  3. VR Metadata (How can someone create 360 degree videos with your app?)
  4. How are you taking advantage of the power of the 2nd Generation iPad Pro?
  • Is export automatically scaled to max out it’s CPU/GPU?

Feature Requests

  1. Multicam Editing using Audio as Sync?
  • Would love the FCPX interface of taping on the video cam you want to cut to in real time.
  1. Split Screen Support or Background Encoding
  2. Chroma Keying
  3. Video Stabilization
  4. What are your most requested features?
  5. How will iOS 11 on the iPad impact your app?

– Any Drag and Drop features?

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