Episode 10 – GoodNotes Drag and Drop, Teacher Feedback, Recent Files and More!

In this episode learn how to setup push for Google Apps accounts, hear feedback from a public high school teacher using the iPad instead of a Mac, learn how to live stream iOS 11 (all apps and system screens) to YouTube, learn what’s missing from the shelf apps, discover how drag and drop works in GoodNotes 4, and how to get free HD upgrades to your SD iTunes movie purchases.

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Links and Show Notes

Setting Up Push Google Apps Calendars on iOS

  1. Make sure you are using a Google Apps account
  2. Go to Settings – Mail (Contacts, or Calendars)
  3. Add Account
  4. Choose Exchange
  5. Enter Email Address
  6. Server: m.google.com
  7. Domain: Leave Blank
  8. Username: Full Email Address

You now have push email, calendars and contacts on iOS for Google Accounts

Feedback from a Teacher

I have a very long commute from my home to job. I am a public high school History teacher in New York City and I travel five hours (2.5 hours each-way using public transportation) to and from work. As I’ve grown older, I’ve been trying to find ways to shed the weight in my backpack. With 170 students to serve each day, my backpack was carrying a significant load.

Most of what I was carrying was student assignments that required grading on the train. However, there was a smaller segment of essentials that I had to carry to negotiate this 177 mile commute. These essentials included: MacBook Air laptop, rain gear, cellphone, notebook, pens/ pencils, administrative paperwork that all teachers have to address, sweater for a chilly train car, a neck brace for those times when I doze off and my neck gets twisted, earphones/ earbuds to listen to podcasts, external battery charger, etc.

When the iPad appeared on the scene in 2010, I had a dream that maybe this could be the way to start shedding the weight. By 2015, I had shed all of my students’ papers (they were now digitally evaluated on the iPad and distributed via Dropbox) and the administrative paperwork (viewed and annotated on the iPad). My backpack, which has also been upgraded over the years, was shrinking in size and weight (from construction with lighter/ stronger materials). The weight loss total was over 50%. Of course, by 2015, I had been performing this commute for 17 years and I had past the mid-century mark of my life. I still needed less weight on my shoulders and back. Then the iPad Pro arrived.

I entertained the notion, by the late Fall of 2015, that Apple’s new iPad Pro could help my commute. I purchased the device with the intention of shedding my MacBook Air laptop (along with its cables/ charger). That laptop, as light as it is, was now the single heaviest object in my backpack. Eliminating it would be boon! The only problem that remained was to convert nearly all the workflows I had to an exclusive iPad environment. I did not know how to start the transformation, but I realized very quickly that I had to fully immerse myself into the effort. Why? Because as long as I had to juggle both the MacBook Air and the iPad Pro, I had to carry both devices. This made my backpack heavier, not lighter.

I took a page from the Federico Vitticci notebook and went exclusively iPad Pro. This forced me to tackle and solve issues that popped up without resorting to my MacBook Air crutch. The arrival of your podcast, iPad Pros, helped my transformation along.

I now do everything on my iPad. When I say ‘everything’ I really mean EVERYTHING. I hold onto my MacBook for that odd software application that hasn’t been ported to iOS. But, I don’t carry it to and from work. In class, I use the iPad to plan, execute, and evaluate lessons and student activities. At home, I use the device to pay bills, handle my finances, and keep in touch with family/ friends. When I’m only thinking of myself, I usually want to read, and I do that on my iPad as well. By the way, I don’t have a single game or social media app on my iPad. All my mileage comes from PRODUCTIVITY!

Here are a few of the apps that I depend on: Scrivener, Goodnotes, Spark, iMessage, Reminders, Calendar, Mindnode, DropBox, iCloud Drive, Keynote, Notes, LiquidText, iCab Mobile, Safari, PBS Video, Schoology, WordPress, NYTimes, VLC, Tunnel Bear, PDF Expert, FaceTime, Files, etc.

Tony – New York

Update on mimoLiveReporter

Shelf Apps

Drag and Drop in GoodNotes

SD Video Purchases

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