Episode 32 – Podcast Production with Joel Sharpton

Joel Sharpton is a full-time podcaster, who produces all of his episodes with Ferrite on his iPad Pro.

I learned a number of invaluable things from Joel during this episode including discovering Brusfri, an amazing noise removal tool that is proving to be an incredible tool in cleaning up audio from many of the sources I need to work with.

We also discuss many logistics in working from the iPad and why the iPad is his primary computer.

If you like the show please review it in iTunes. Feedback and topic requests can be sent to iPadProsPodcast@gmail.com.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Always Listening Podcast
Ferrite Recording Studio
ATR-2100 USB/XLR Microphone
ATR USB Dual Pre
Pyle PD-58
One-Handed Gaming Keyboard
Logitech Slim Combo

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