Episode 35 – AudioBus 3 with Michael Tyson

Michael Tyson is the creator and developer behind the popular inter-app audio engine known as AudioBus, which is both an API and app. The AudioBus app is now at version 3. We discuss its evolution over the years, which for those that forget, was back in 2011 in the very infancy of the iPad. We also talk about the app’s future and what to expect next. AudioBus is a really powerful tool for musicians creating content on iOS and has influenced Apple’s own API for inter-app audio.

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YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Mentioned Apps

AudioBus 3
AudioBus Remote
Loopy HD
Fugue Machine
Rozeta Sequencer Suite
StepPolyArp Unit
Thermo Watch for Nest
Pandora Music

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