Episode 47 – New iPads and Screenwriting and Coaching with Roger S.H. Schulman (Part 2)

Apple released the 3rd generation iPad Air and the 5th generation iPad mini earlier this week. Are these iPads suitable for pros and those wanting to get work done? Hear Tim’s thoughts at the top of the episode.

The core of this episode is part 2 of my discussion with Academy Award-nominated writer and writing coach, Roger Schulman. Roger was nominated for an Oscar for his work on the hit animated comedy Shrek. He’s also written a number of sequels for Disney including The Fox and the Hound 2, Bambi 2, Mulan 2, the Jungle Book 2, as well as, Balto. He co-created, wrote, and produced the sitcom, Jonas. Roger is also a writing coach. You can find more info about that over at www.thewritercoach.com.

In this part of the interview, we dive deep into some of the apps he uses including Aeon Timeline, OmniOutliner, SimpleMind, OmniGraffle, GoodNotes, Gladys, Scrawl Notes, WordBoard, Airmail, and FollowUpThen.com.

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YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Aeon Timeline
OmniOutliner 3
OmniGraffle 3
GoodNotes 5
Scrawl Notes
WordBoard – Phase Keyboard

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