Episode 172 – Final Cut Pro with Ashley Xu

Apple recently announced the huge news that both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are coming to the iPad on May 23rd, 2023.

Ashley Xu was one of the few people that got to use Final Cut Pro on the iPad before it was officially announced by Apple, and she was featured in the official introduction video of Final Cut Pro for iPad that you’ll find on Apple’s website and YouTube channel. You can find her work on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram under the handle “AshHasACamera”. In this episode, we dive into how she got her start and her work in general, and then we do a deep dive on all things Final Cut Pro for iPad.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Apple’s Introduction Video

Links and Show Notes

Ash’s Website
Ash’s TikTok
Ash’s Instagram Channel
Ash’s YouTube Channel
Apple’s Introduction Video
Apple’s Official Website for Final Cut Pro on iPad

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:38: Support the Podcast
00:02:01: Ash Xu (@AshHasACamera)
00:02:21: How you got your start?
00:03:50: Commercials
00:04:17: Painting
00:05:05: The community
00:05:42: Baking and cooking?
00:06:59: Developing the technique
00:07:51: Audio?
00:09:29: Music
00:10:22: Other platforms
00:10:46: Your style of video
00:12:06: MacBook Pro as a backdrop
00:13:10: Stop Motion Animation?
00:14:07: 10 Years from now?
00:15:08: What are you most proud of?
00:16:37: Final Cut from Day 1?
00:16:55: Gear?
00:18:16: Multicam setups?
00:18:34: MacBook Pro
00:18:52: iPad?
00:19:32: Final Cut Pro for iPad
00:21:40: Magic Keyboard?
00:21:52: Jog Wheel?
00:23:37: Does your workflow translate over to iPad?
00:26:47: Apple Pencil
00:29:30: Multicam
00:30:53: Fast Cut Automations
00:31:09: Scene Removal Mask
00:33:32: Auto Crop
00:34:25: Voice Isolation
00:35:43: Titles, Backgrounds, Music
00:36:49: Music?
00:37:13: Color Grading
00:38:02: Motion Templates
00:38:50: Camera inside Final Cut and importing media
00:40:39: Keyframing
00:42:10: File Formats
00:43:58: Exporting
00:44:44: Is an iPad in your future?
00:45:55: Where can people find your videos?
00:46:26: Closing

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