Episode 5 – Desktop and Mobile Setups

Learn about some different options for setting up your iPad for working a full day on the iPad in either a desktop or mobile setup.

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Links and Show Notes


GhostStand by TwelveSouth
Base – Charging Stand by Logitech
ZPlanFab for iMac
Apple Pencil Stand by Belkin
DraftTable by ElevationLab
Citrix X1 Mouse
Jump Desktop App
Apple Magic Keyboard
Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter
Yohann Stand


VariDesk – VariDesk.com

  • Sitting Mode (Elevated to eye level in conjunction with the Logitech Charging Stand)
    • Apple Bluetooth Keyboard below the VariDesk
    • Hand can be resting next to iPad screen comfortably
    • Apple Pencil in Stand
  • Standing Mode
    • Tasks that don’t require as many taps (long form writing)
    • Put the Logitech Stand on books or considering getting something originally designed for iMacs from ZPlanFab, a form fitting piece of wood that elevates the iMac or in this case the iPad to eve level (even with the VariDesk it doesn’t go quite high enough for standing mode for an iPad.
    • ZPlanFab for an extra $10 will create a custom stand that is molded for anything you send them, so instead of using an iMac stand I could have them make me something specially created for the Logitech Base.
    • When I need to use the Jump Desktop app to do Mac or Windows things
      • Works with Citrix X1 mouse and external Bluetooth keyboard (option-tab to switch Mac apps, Command Tab for iOS apps)
      • Copy/Paste between iOS/Mac apps, Supports Split Screen
    • Drafting Table: GhostStand: Another mode is using the Ghost Stand to lay the iPad flat, but elevated to be easier to work with – this mode is also very easy to grab the iPad to work with it in my hands: I’ll use a combination of an external keyboard or the onscreen keyboard in this mode.
    • If you need to read something there is something great about being able to just grab your iPad and hold it in your hands to read.

The Mobile iPad

  • Huge benefit of the iPad is you can work not just at your desk
    • My go to stand I’ll use with my iPad in another room is the TwelveSouth GhostStand, as I mentioned before it’s a great drafting table like stand, but also it works great with the SmartKeyboard. I can place the IPad with the SmartKeyboard on it and it puts it at perfect height so I’m not bending my neck down and keeps it not too high for typing on the keyboard.
    • If I’m just sitting on a chair or on a couch I like using it with the SmartKeyboard, or in many situations just the iPad on my lap and using the virtual keyboard.

Other Notes

  • ElevationLab has something called the DraftTable, which recently got a price drop from $100 down to $70. It includes a wrist rest, an Apple Pencil Stand, and offers a bunch of different angles and is something that is worth checking out.
  • Yohann has also created a killer wooden iPad stand that works with your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode and by all regards is a killer iPad stand, but it’s not something I’ve had any hands on time with yet.
  • If you are a fan of mechanical keyboards, just a reminder that the USB Camera Adapter will enable any USB keyboard to work with it and now with the USB-3 Camera adapter you can charge your iPad while hooked up to a USB accessory.

Pictures of Various Setups


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