Episode 6 – Readdle Interview – Productivity Apps

On today’s episode we have Denys from Readdle. Readdle develops several productivity apps for iOS including Spark, Documents, PDF Expert, Printer Pro, Scanner Pro, and many others. Readdle was the company that introduced drag and drop in their apps just 10 days before Apple introduced iOS 11. In today’s interview we discuss what iOS 11 means for the iPad, what iOS 11 means for their apps, the future of Spark, and countless other topics. Readdle has been creating great iOS apps for the past 10 years now and creates many apps that I depend on day in and day out. If you haven’t had a chance, check out their apps at readdle.com.

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YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes


Readdle Homepage
10 Years of Readdle (Video)
Drag and Drop in Readdle Apps (Blog Post)
Spark – 3rd Party Mac Integrations
Readdle 10th Anniversary App Store Bundle
PDF Expert ARKit Demo Video

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