Episode 7 – Ulysses Interview – Professional Writing App and Business Model Discussion

On today’s episode we have Max from Ulysses, Max is the lead developer and co-founder of Ulysses. During the interview we discuss who Ulysses is for, we dive deep into some of the app’s more advanced features and spend some time discussing their move to subscription pricing.

Ulysses for those that don’t know is a professional writing application. The application provides a clean distraction free environment to create Markdown based text that can then be exported into a bunch of different formats. I use the app both at my day job to create documents and it’s what I use for this show to create the show notes.

I’ve tried a lot of writing apps and Ulysses is the one that works the way I think a writing app should work. I’d encourage anyone looking for a great writing app to try out the 14-day free trial.

As a reminder I’m always on the lookout for professionals using the iPad in unique ways. If you have a story to share please get in touch with me. You can email me iPadProsPodcast@gmail.com or send me a message on Twitter @iPadProsPodcast.

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YouTube Version of the Podcast


iOS App Store Link
Mac App Store Link
About the Switch to Subscription
Medium Blog Post About Subscriptions

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