Episode 27 – Automators with Rosemary Orchard

Rosemary Orchard is the co-host of the new relay.fm podcast, Automators. We dive into how she uses iPads, talk about how anyone can automate along with some great examples of how you can get started. We also talk a bit about iBeacons.

You can find Rosemary Orchard at RosemaryOrchard.com and her new podcast can be found at relay.fm/automators. Episode 1 is now live where Rosemary and David discuss calendar automation.

If you like the show please review it in iTunes. Feedback and topic requests can be sent to iPadProsPodcast@gmail.com.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes


Launch Center Pro

Pythonista 3

Drafts 5: Capture ‣‣ Act



OmniFocus 3

iBeacon Loc

Rosemary Orchard’s Blog
Automators (relay.fm podcast)

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