Episode 28 – Trism and Trism 2 with Steve Demeter

Steve Demeter is the creator and developer of the 2008 hit iPhone game Trism and the recently released iPad and iPhone game Trism 2.

We discuss a wide range of topics including the early days of iPhone development and the App Store, game design, the creation of Trism 2, and much more. Whether you play games or not this interview provides a facinating insight into the process of creation.

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YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Trism on the App Store
Trism II on the App Store
Official Website for Trism II
Coming Soon: Soundtrack for Trism II

Credits for the original Trism:
Trism was designed, coded, and drawn by Steve Demeter, owner of Demiforce, LLC. Robert Soares assisted with game design and created most of the syllogism levels. Trism‘s soundtrack was created by Adam Haynes.

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