Episode 42 – Shortcuts with Matthew Cassinelli – Part 2

Matthew Cassinelli helps explain the Shortcuts app in this episode. Shortcuts is an essential tool for getting work done on the iPad. I’d highly recommend taking some time to evaluate the work you do to see how the Shortcuts app can help you be more efficient.

This part of the interview goes past the fundamentals of Shortcuts and dives into a bunch of different actions you’ll find in Shortcuts and should help you think of new ways you can be using the Shortcuts app. We also touch a bit on using Launch Center Pro in conjunction with the Shortcuts app.

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YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Run Shortcuts as a Widget or Share Sheet
Naming and Uploading an Image with Shortcuts (Shortcuts iCloud Link)
Launch Center Pro – NFC Update
Download YouTube Videos with Shortcuts
Super Computer Podcast
Matthew’s YouTube Channel
Matthew Cassinelli’s Website
Matthew’s Twitter

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