Episode 43 – Music Composition with Steve Steele

Hear from music composer Steve Steele. Steve does extensive work with the Notion app for iPad, which is a fairly powerful music notation app for iPad. Steve does the bulk of his writing on the iPad, but you’ll also hear in this episode how he incorporates the iPad into the Mac work he still does. We also discuss what the future could look like going all iOS and the apps that are being worked on to make that happen.

Stay tuned after the main episode for 12 minutes of bonus content!

As a reminder, you can support the podcast on Patreon.com/iPadPros. One of the new perks in 2019 is early access to episodes. Patreon supporters got this episode over a week early.

Learn more about Steve Steele at www.stevesteele.com.

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YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Notion Music Notation App
Roland A49
Fishman TriplePlay Guitar
Symphony Pro 5

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