Episode 131 – Entertainment in 2021 with Matt Birchler

For the final episode of 2021 we take a break from iPad to look back at all of our favorite entertainment in 2021. Matt Birchler and Tim Chaten discuss our favorite music, TV shows, movies, and video games from the year.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

A Better Computer
Bad Batch
Midnight Mass
Mighty Ducks: Game Changer
Formula 1: Drive to Survive
Dexter: New Blood
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Nine Perfect Strangers
Derry Girls
Grapefruit Season
A Love Supreme
Get Back
Adele 30
Holly Humberstone
Metroid Dread
Skyward Sword
Mario Golf
Bowser’s Fury
Tetris Connected
Nintendo Switch Year in Review
Life is Strange: True Colors
Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart
Fast 9
No Time to Die
Snyder Cut
The Last Duel
Matrix Resurrections

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