Episode 132 – Swift Playgrounds 4 with Frank Foster

Frank Foster is a developer who was given early access to Swift Playgrounds 4. This update provides the ability to write, test, and publish an iPhone or iPad app entirely from the iPad. In this episode we discuss his experiences over the past month developing an app in Playgrounds both on a new M1 iPad Pro and a very old iPad Air 2.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Frank’s Swift Playgrounds 4 Review
Frank’s Twitter
Working Copy

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:25: Anders Borum
00:04:38: Support the Podcast
00:05:55: Frank Foster
00:10:11: Prototyping on iPad?
00:11:28: Your current role
00:13:18: Swift Playgrounds 4
00:14:05: Where to start?
00:20:28: Apple Watch
00:21:40: Xcode vs Playgrounds 4
00:24:25: Testing your app on Mac vs iPad
00:29:51: UI
00:31:09: Testing iPhone apps on the iPad?
00:32:30: iPhone only apps?
00:33:31: SwiftUI Live Preview
00:35:11: Playgrounds on the Mac?
00:36:16: Adding Capabilities to your App
00:40:05: Core Data
00:41:49: Magic Keyboard and Trackpad
00:43:42: Swift Packages
00:44:10: Early Access
00:45:31: Packages
00:48:13: Sharing apps as Playground files?
00:50:05: Game Development
00:52:12: Shortcut support
00:55:01: Xcode Replacement?
00:57:45: Running your app
00:59:07: App Icon
01:01:42: External Monitor?
01:02:11: Submission Process
01:06:02: Version Control
01:09:50: Working Copy
01:11:50: Community Tidbits?
01:12:08: Paul Hudson
01:14:34: Anything else?
01:20:00: Where can people find you online?
01:20:48: Closing

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