Episode 146 – Running a Clothing Business with Jong Fui Fa

Jong Fui Fa owns a used clothing store in Kuching, Sarawak. He has been using the iPad Pro to run his business since 2017 and he shares some super interesting apps that I’ve never really heard of and I think you will get some awesome tidbits in this episode from a different part of the iPad Pro user base that I wish I had on more often.

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YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Sarawak Independence Day
About Kuching
Mentioned Apps:

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:52: Jong Fui Fa
00:03:25: What is your business?
00:04:48: Image Capture?
00:06:13: Cellular Data?
00:07:12: Stage Manager
00:09:20: Lumen’s Daily Tracker
00:11:56: Inventory Management
00:15:23: QR Tiger
00:17:06: Printing QR Codes
00:17:35: The web?
00:18:19: Photo apps
00:19:52: PhotoRoom
00:20:34: TouchRetouch
00:21:58: Pixelmator Photo
00:23:31: LumaFusion
00:25:21: Scanner Pro
00:26:54: POS
00:28:35: Payments
00:29:40: POS Computer?
00:30:35: Ginger Writer
00:32:27: Spark
00:34:19: Safari
00:35:35: Whats App
00:37:37: YouTube and Podcasts
00:39:14: iFont
00:40:48: http://www.kittl.com
00:41:20: Anything you’d like to promote?
00:41:35: @netster23
00:41:57: Closing

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