Episode 147 – Business Coaching with Niall Daly

Niall Daly is a business coach and longtime iPad Pro power user. He was last on this podcast for episode 23. We catch up with how his setup has changed in those past four years including discussions on pointer support, the Apple Pencil, Shortcuts, and his usage of Drafts, Concepts, Muse, and Things.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

PenTips 2 Kickstarter
BackPocket CFO
Niall on LinkedIn

Chapter Markers:
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:37: Niall Daly
00:03:19: Your current setup and modularity
00:07:59: Pointer Support
00:10:09: Drafts
00:11:33: Concepts
00:12:01: What setup do you use most of the time?
00:13:51: Finding new clients?
00:14:31: Focus Mode
00:16:58: New Notable Apps?
00:17:13: Craft
00:18:05: Muse app
00:18:51: Defter Notes
00:19:19: More on Craft
00:19:55: Apple Pencil
00:22:27: Shortcuts
00:23:28: Timery
00:23:44: Expenses
00:24:45: Things and Reminders
00:26:32: FaceTime Links
00:28:06: PenTips 2
00:30:27: Anything else?
00:32:18: Widgets
00:34:29: Where can people find more info?
00:34:32: Backpocket-CFO
00:34:46: LinkedIn
00:34:54: Twitter (@BackPocketCFO)
00:35:07: Closing

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