Episode 148 – Reminders with Brent Clark

In this episode Brent Clark and Tim Chaten do a deep dive on Apple’s Reminders app. You can follow Brent on Twitter (@brentacPrime).

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Brent on Twitter (@brentacPrime)
Marvel Alliance Podcast

Mentioned Shortcuts:

Chapter Markers:
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:37: Brent Clark
00:02:23: Opening Thoughts
00:03:22: Today
00:05:13: The Watch app
00:06:12: Scheduled
00:07:56: Shared Tasks
00:13:03: Task Capture
00:14:03: When Messaging
00:14:34: Location
00:15:56: Subtasks
00:17:47: Templates
00:19:57: Lists and Tags
00:21:42: Shortcuts
00:25:15: Printing
00:27:19: What else?
00:28:02: Marvel Countdown
00:31:59: Smart Lists
00:34:35: Feature Requests?
00:36:26: Complications
00:37:40: Wrap-up
00:38:17: Where can people find you online?
00:38:20: Marvel Alliance
00:38:31: @brentacPrime
00:38:55: Closing

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