Episode 152 – Pixelmator Photo with Rishi Ó

This episode kicks off a new photography and photo editing series for iPad Pros! If you have a photography story to share please reach out to be on a future episode! In this episode is Rishi Ó. He is a photographer in Taiwan and is all in on the iPhone and Pixelmator Photo on the iPad Pro. We dive into his capture and editing style and deep dive into Pixelmator Photo.

Listen to episode 49 of this podcast to hear more about Pixelmator Photo from Andrius Gailiunas. He is a software engineer at Pixelmator.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Pixelmator Photo
Spectre Camera

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:03:47: Rishi Ó
00:14:25: Pixelmator Photo
00:22:34: Your workflow?
00:24:11: Glif
00:25:17: Filters
00:28:33: Spectre Camera
00:30:20: Live Photos
00:33:20: Photo Library
00:35:34: ProRaw
00:38:19: Library Management
00:39:51: Your editing process
00:42:53: Camera App
00:47:34: What editing tools don’t you use?
00:49:18: Curves
00:50:47: Match Colors
00:52:26: Apple Pencil
00:56:06: Magic Eraser
00:57:10: Night Shift and True Tone
00:59:00: Denoising
01:00:00: Extended Values
01:05:01: Affinity
01:05:49: Histogram
01:06:25: iPhone Lockscreens
01:09:31: Portrait Mode
01:13:04: Depth
01:14:58: Pano
01:15:29: Anything else?
01:18:28: Using the watch for capture
01:20:28: Night Mode
01:21:38: Where can people find your work?
01:21:42: Rishio.com
01:22:23: Outro

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