Episode 153 – Baby Tech with Andrew O’Hara

Welcome to a very special episode this episode is being released in celebration of me becoming a first time dad and having one less thing to worry about recording when she does arrive. So this episode is all about baby tech and baby photography and joining me is another expectant first time dad, Andrew O’Hara from Apple Insider.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:47: Support the Podcast
00:02:26: Andrew O’Hara
00:05:31: Preparing the Way
00:07:08: Cradlewise Crib
00:08:36: Automations
00:10:08: Magic Button?
00:10:33: The Eve Button
00:10:57: Wemo Stage Scene Controller
00:11:45: Smart Shades
00:12:15: Baby Monitoring
00:12:25: Netamo Indoor Cam
00:12:52: Nanit
00:12:58: Owlet
00:15:42: Mobile Monitoring?
00:18:11: Apps!
00:18:39: Mango Baby
00:20:03: Willow Pump
00:22:15: Audio
00:24:26: Photo Strategy
00:25:35: SFBags Tech Pocket
00:25:54: MagSafe Clickr Grip
00:26:09: Traditional Camera?
00:26:22: Z7
00:26:31: Z6
00:26:44: ZFC
00:27:01: iPhone capture
00:27:42: Editing
00:28:14: Darkroom
00:29:15: Photos app
00:29:39: Affinity Photo
00:30:17: Shared Photo Library
00:32:20: Sony EV Z10
00:33:11: Lens
00:35:22: 2x zoom
00:36:57: Peak Design Tripod
00:38:13: Anything else?
00:42:33: HomeKit Insider
00:42:47: Twitter – @Andrew_OSU
00:42:59: Apple Insider
00:43:33: Closing

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