Episode 156 – Darkroom with Majd Taby

In this episode, we continue to deep dive into the photography world with the co-founder of Darkroom, Majd Taby. Darkroom is a unique photo editing tool as it can also be used for video color grading, and can non-destructively edit Live Photos. It also has features like Masking that are super hard to implement if you aren’t Adobe or a company of that size. Darkroom also has a fantastic iPad version with several iPad only features.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Unedited Live Video Interview

Links and Show Notes

Darkroom’s Website
Darkroom on Twitter

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:09: Live on YouTube
00:01:27: iPadOS 16.2
00:02:25: Majd Taby
00:03:09: The iPad
00:07:44: Your relationship to photography
00:08:45: CameraBag
00:11:44: Photo Management
00:13:09: RAW files
00:16:31: What can you do with RAW that you can’t do with JPEG?
00:22:25: Halide
00:23:19: Capturing both JPG and RAW
00:24:54: Live Photos
00:27:51: Video grading
00:29:29: Adjustments
00:32:39: Split Toning
00:34:22: White Vignette
00:36:45: Masking
00:39:04: Depth Data
00:40:42: Other Masks
00:42:55: Machine Learning
00:44:11: Transformation Tools
00:47:35: Presets
00:50:51: Creating Presets
00:55:24: Sharing Presets
00:56:44: Smart Albums
00:59:14: The iPad App
00:59:51: M2 iPad Pro – Hover Mode?
01:00:52: How we think about iPad
01:05:00: Wrap-up
01:05:31: Darkroom on Twitter
01:05:41: Darkroom.co
01:05:59: Closing

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