Episode 155 – Fatherhood with Casey Liss

Casey Liss of the Accidental Tech Podcast and Analog(ue) Podcast joins me to discuss becoming a Dad. This episode was recorded 9 days after becoming a first time Dad. We dive into general new dad advice, baby tech, baby photography, photo management, uses of the Synology, and why parents might want a GoPro.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:40: Support the Podcast
00:02:16: Casey Liss
00:04:00: Birth Story
00:14:20: Advice
00:16:25: Favorites so far
00:18:12: Growing the baby
00:21:14: Preparing the house?
00:27:49: Baby Tech
00:28:37: Cetaphil
00:31:53: Diaper Bag
00:33:36: Accounts?
00:36:56: Photography
00:39:43: Olympus Camera
00:42:23: Portrait Mode
00:43:31: Photo recommendations
00:44:59: Live Photos
00:46:52: Newborn Photography
00:50:13: Day One
00:57:37: Nurses
00:59:51: Lenses
01:05:53: 14 Pro Camera System
01:08:31: Screen Brightness
01:09:34: Photo Management
01:13:46: Synology
01:19:35: Recording setup
01:24:18: Back to Photo Management
01:35:34: Shared iCloud Photo Library
01:38:29: Photo gear?
01:39:20: GoPro
01:43:39: White Balance
01:44:57: Editing apps
01:46:17: Final words of wisdom?
01:54:20: ATP and Analog(ue)
01:54:38: CaseyLiss.com
01:55:11: MaskerAid
01:55:23: Peek-a-View
01:56:17: Closing

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