Episode 158 – Affinity Version 2 with Denny Henke

Serif recently announced version 2 of all of their apps are now available including Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher. This marks the first time Affinity Publisher is available on the iPad. On this episode to discuss these new apps is Denny Henke; who was on episode 30 of this show to discuss the original Affinity apps for iPad.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Serif’s Website
Affinity Photo 2 on the App Store
Affinity Designer 2 on the App Store
Affinity Publisher 2 on the App Store

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:02:14: Support the Podcast
00:02:41: Denny Henke
00:05:43: Current Setup
00:06:51: Moft
00:08:49: The Affinity Apps
00:13:07: Same File Format
00:21:52: Designer
00:31:14: Mac vs iPad app?
00:32:32: How do you use Designer?
00:34:11: Removing background?
00:36:04: Missing from Illustrator?
00:36:45: Publisher
00:44:28: Multiple Chapters
00:46:29: Linked Files
00:47:42: Custom Tables
00:50:27: Final Output
00:52:29: Photo
00:54:19: Help system
00:55:47: Stacking
00:57:01: Command Controller
01:02:12: BeardyGuyCreative.com
01:02:29: BeardyStarStuff.net
01:02:57: Closing

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