Episode 159 – Nik Bhatt from RAW Power

Nik Bhatt founded Gentlemen Coders in 2016, As an 18 year veteran of Apple, his roles in the Photo Apps group included Senior Director of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer. He also led the RAW Camera and Core Image teams, as well as the imaging team for the Mac version of Photos. He holds 55 patents in a wide range of disciplines including image processing, audio processing, geotagging, wireless networking, and user interface design. We cover his time at Apple plus deep dive into his app, RAW Power. RAW Power is one of the only apps on iPadOS that lets you work with cameras not supported by Apple.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Gentlemen Coders’ Website
RAW Power on the App Store

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:51: Support the Podcast
00:02:11: Nik Bhatt
00:06:57: Apple’s Approach to Supporting Cameras
00:13:26: Photo Extensions
00:16:32: Editing a RAW image
00:18:17: Editing in multiple apps
00:21:26: Two images in One?
00:24:44: Share Sheets
00:25:47: Stacking
00:28:15: Designing RAW Power
00:34:11: LUTs
00:36:39: RAW vs DNG
00:42:22: Shortcuts
00:43:14: Batch Processing
00:45:39: Reference Mode vs True Tone
00:47:19: RAW editing tools
00:49:56: Unique Approaches to Editing
00:51:38: Fringes
00:53:29: Non-Centered Vignette
00:54:10: Curves
00:55:45: Live Photos
00:56:04: The 14 Pro
00:57:30: Settings
01:00:15: Lens Correction
01:04:13: The iPad
01:05:03: Library Management
01:07:26: Filtering
01:09:59: Copying Location Data?
01:10:57: Videos
01:11:29: Hidden Gestures
01:12:47: HSL
01:15:48: Files app
01:18:12: Mac version
01:20:36: Anything else?
01:20:54: End of Year Sale
01:22:29: Where can people find more info?
01:22:53: Closing

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