Episode 160 – Ferrite Recording Studio 3 with Canis

Ferrite Recording Studio is the app this podcast is edited with. It is an audio editing app available exclusively for iPad and iPhone and focuses on spoken word audio. Canis is the developer behind Ferrite and is back on the podcast to discuss version 3 of the app. Canis was last on for episode 34 in September 2018.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Ferrite Recording Studio on the App Store
Wooji Juice’s Website

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:38: Canis
00:04:28: Stage Manager
00:06:32: Any new apps that you use?
00:06:59: Obsidian
00:07:07: Things
00:07:25: Documents
00:07:58: The iPad’s Future
00:10:27: Ferrite 3
00:12:37: Double Speed Editing
00:16:59: The new audio engine
00:21:26: Audio Plugins
00:24:52: Other Big Ferrite 3 Features?
00:28:03: Search
00:30:43: Faster Speeds?
00:31:24: Smart Folders
00:33:44: Future Smart Things?
00:34:59: Other Library Features?
00:35:05: Template Folders
00:37:57: Context Menus
00:41:30: Strip Silence UI
00:45:23: Popup Menu
00:48:37: UI Redesigns
00:55:30: Export
01:01:08: Final Mix
01:04:50: Equalizer
01:07:54: Recording
01:12:18: The big recording problem on iOS
01:17:02: Hover
01:19:32: Keyboard Shortcuts
01:20:55: Settings
01:23:52: Pricing
01:26:17: Wooji-Juice.com
01:26:56: Closing

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