Episode 165 – iPadOS 16 with Devon Dundee

Devon Dundee is the host of the the Magic Rays of Light podcast all about the Apple TV. In this episode we deep dive into all things iPadOS 16.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes


Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:02:01: Devon Dundee
00:06:15: New Apps?
00:08:43: Stage Manager
00:13:48: Journaling
00:14:44: Everlog
00:15:17: The splits
00:17:45: External Monitor
00:27:00: Other display tweaks
00:28:56: iCloud Shared Photo Library
00:32:30: iMessage
00:33:30: Freeform and Collaboration
00:37:24: Desktop Class Apps
00:39:39: Apple Mail
00:41:58: Reminders
00:43:45: Focus Mode
00:45:27: ScreenTime Plus
00:47:01: Passwords
00:48:54: Weather app
00:50:20: Smart Things
00:51:58: Home app
00:53:22: Anything else?
00:53:28: Custom Email Domains
00:56:17: Magic Rays of Light
00:57:47: Closing
00:58:17: DevonDundee.com
00:58:27: DevonDundee@Mastodon.social
00:58:39: Closing

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