Episode 164 – Linea Sketch 4.2 with Ged Maheux

Ged Maheux is the co-founder of the Iconfactory. In this episode we dive deep into their app Linea Sketch. aHe was last on the podcast for episode 76 to discuss Tot and was on episode 20 to chat about version 2 of Linea Sketch. In this episode, we discuss all of the updates since version 2 including last week’s update to version 4.2.

Learn more about the Iconfactory at http://www.iconfactory.com. Learn more about Linea Sketch at http://www.linea-app.com.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Chapter Markers

00:00:00: Opening
00:02:05: Ged Maheux
00:03:54: Linea Sketch Updates
00:04:18: Version 2.6
00:05:08: Dark Mode and Multi-Page Export
00:05:58: Version 3 – Universal App
00:07:01: Version 4
00:08:43: Creating new tools?
00:11:20: Organic Ink
00:14:00: Apple Pencil Tilting
00:14:54: Importing Files
00:17:29: Water Color Colors
00:18:44: Apple Pencil 3
00:19:27: Clear Ink
00:21:02: Ziplines
00:23:28: Double Tap
00:24:16: 1×1 Grid
00:25:13: Subscription
00:26:49: Collections
00:27:36: How are people using Linea?
00:29:15: Shortcuts
00:29:37: Anything else?
00:30:53: Color Sets
00:31:36: Layers
00:32:33: Fonts
00:33:44: Where to find more info?
00:34:48: Closing

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