Episode 167 – forScore 14 with Justin Bianco

Justin Bianco is the creator of forScore; a sheet music reading app for iPad, iPhone, and the Mac.

Version 14 is now available. After a decade of evolution the metadata panel and tuner have been completely replaced, rewritten from scratch to be more flexible, modern, and powerful. Apple Pencil hover detection supercharges the annotation experience, secondary windows get far more capable, and forScore sports a brand new icon with several alternatives and older versions. With forScore Pro you can do even more like wink to turn pages, and you can now try out Pro features with a 30-day pass that doesn’t auto-renew. We dive into all of these updates and more in this episode.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Video Extras

Links and Show Notes

forScore on the App Store
forScore’s website
Justin on Mastodon
Justin’s website

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:02:07: Justin Bianco
00:08:05: Favorite iPad Advances?
00:09:49: Oldest iPad still testing with?
00:10:43: What is forScore?
00:12:10: forScore for iPhone and Mac?
00:14:49: Keyboard and Trackpad
00:16:18: Hardware Accessories
00:17:51: Improvements over the years?
00:19:24: Setting Profiles
00:21:48: How to get music into forScore
00:23:07: Templates
00:23:37: Annotation System
00:24:22: PDF only?
00:25:34: Reflow
00:26:18: The Store and other Ecosystems
00:29:34: Metronome
00:31:29: Organization
00:33:18: Dashboard
00:34:46: Data
00:35:52: Display Options?
00:37:24: Business model
00:47:13: Piano
00:48:45: Apple Music Integration
00:50:39: Metadata
00:53:30: Tuner
00:55:59: StoreKit 2
00:58:26: forScore Cue
01:00:52: Multiple Windows and Stage Manager
01:04:04: Ensemble Sync?
01:05:30: Piano with Friends
01:05:45: Sharing
01:06:31: Design notes?
01:07:40: Anything else?
01:08:01: Music Box bundle
01:08:54: forScore.co
01:09:45: Closing

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