Episode 168 – Agenda 17 with Alex Griekspoor

Agenda takes note taking to the next level, helping you plan projects and prepare for meetings. Setup a note for next week’s head-to-head with your biggest client, or begin planning the next phase of a major project. Link your note directly to an event in your calendar, and you’ll be fully prepared for anything that comes your way!

Agenda 17 brings multiple windows to both the iPad and Mac! To discuss this huge update is Alex Griekspoor, the founder and co-owner of Agenda.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Agenda on the App Store
Agenda’s website

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:35: Alex Griekspoor
00:02:24: Current iPad Setup
00:04:50: What is Agenda?
00:06:12: How do you use Agenda?
00:07:00: Favorite updates to Agenda?
00:08:41: Agenda 17
00:11:12: Multi-Window on iPad
00:17:16: Updating Note Data?
00:19:15: Opening a new window
00:22:41: Windows other than notes?
00:24:07: External Monitor with the iPad
00:28:02: The Mac
00:35:42: Toolbar Window
00:42:29: Business Model Tweak
00:49:56: Unifying the Mac and iPad
00:55:32: Anything else?
00:57:15: More info?
00:58:48: Closing

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