Episode 170 – LumaFusion Multicam Studio with Terri Morgan

Terri Morgan is the Co-Founder and Lead Designer at Luma Touch, the creators of LumaFusion. She was last on episode 3 of this podcast. Since then, a ton of updates have been released for the app, including a huge one just this past week that added the Multicam Studio. In this episode, we dive deep into the Multicam Studio and touch on some of the other updates since we last spoke.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

LumaFusion on the App Store
LumaFusion’s Website
LumaFusion on Twitter

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:35: Support the Podcast
00:02:02: Terri Morgan
00:06:50: M1 iPad required?
00:09:27: ProRes
00:10:23: How do you use iPad?
00:12:08: Mindly
00:15:48: Your role at LumaFusion?
00:20:12: What else has been added to LumaFusion over the years?
00:26:34: Proxy video?
00:29:05: External Monitors
00:30:54: 200MB
00:33:10: Trackpad
00:34:32: Version 4
00:34:46: Multicam Basics
00:38:25: Sync
00:41:11: Editing Process
00:44:40: The resulting MC clip
00:46:59: The experience of multicam in LF
00:48:04: Live Switching
00:49:48: Anyone can use multicam
00:52:32: M2
00:53:39: Other features in the works?
00:56:56: 3D Audio
00:59:17: Anything else?
01:00:49: LumaTouch.com
01:01:08: Closing

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