Episode 169 – Zsolt Benke from Decoding.io

Zsolt Benke is a developer from Pécs, Hungary; who blogs over at Decoding.io. We discuss how he uses the iPad Pro and mini including apps like Things, Drafts, DevonThink, and using the iPad with the Apple Studio Display. We close out the discussion by diving into his post from March 16th, “Of course, we need to merge the Mac and the iPad …” And why we think this is not the right direction for iPad.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

“Of Course We Need to Merge the Mac and the iPad”

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:58: Zsolt Benke
00:04:31: What role does the iPad play for you?
00:07:08: Web Developer
00:09:53: Favorite apps?
00:13:08: Task Management
00:16:09: Shortcuts
00:19:47: Drafts
00:20:44: DevonThink
00:26:03: Tablet, Laptop, Desktop
00:30:09: Trackpad
00:35:38: Stage Manager
00:36:15: iPad with the MacBook Pro?
00:37:51: iPad mini
00:42:44: Reading
00:43:21: RSS
00:45:12: Calendar
00:45:41: Music Accessories
00:47:36: Should the iPad and Mac Merge?
00:54:46: Pro apps on iPad
01:03:11: Any iPad wishes?
01:05:16: Where can people find your work?
01:05:20: Decoding.io
02:46:04: Closing

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