Episode 133 – Podcast Production with Stephen Robles

Stephen Robles hosts and produces several podcasts including the AppleInsider Podcast, HomeKit Insider, and Movies on the Side. He edits all of these shows on the iPad mini. In this episode we dive into why he loves the iPad for editing and much more.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Stephen Robles – Apple Insider
Movies on the Side
Apple Insider and HomeKit Insider Podcasts
Ferrite Recording Studio – Wooji Juice

Chapter Markers

00:00:00: Opening
00:01:23: Support the Podcast
00:02:40: Stephen Robles
00:04:37: Current iPad Setup
00:06:10: Mini vs 12.9
00:07:38: XDR
00:09:40: Editing during playback
00:11:29: Strip Silence and Tighten
00:13:47: Leveling audio
00:18:12: Brusfri
00:20:02: Music
00:24:46: Mac?
00:26:58: RapidWeaver
00:30:20: Apple Pencil Editing
00:31:46: Ferrite Templates
00:32:56: Transfering Audio Files
00:34:19: Recording from iPad?
00:36:20: Chapter Markers
00:41:04: Anything else about Ferrite?
00:43:01: Show Research and Shortcuts
00:53:17: Spotify
00:55:59: Writing Work
00:56:57: Image Editing
00:58:38: Universal Control?
00:59:58: Final iPad Thoughts?
01:04:38: Where to find your work?
01:05:06: HomeKit
01:06:51: HomeDevices
01:08:05: Closing

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