Episode 162 – M2 iPad Pro, Ferrite 3, HomeKit and More with Stephen Robles

Stephen Robles joins us from Apple Insider. He was last on for episode 133. In this episode we touch on a bunch of different topics including HomeKit, networking, the M2 iPad Pro, Ferrite 3, Network Attached Storage, DaVinci Resolve versus Final Cut, and Password Management.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Links and Show Notes

Stephen’s YouTube Channel
Apple Insider
Episode 133

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:38: Stephen Robles
00:07:31: NAS
00:08:51: Mesh Networks and Ethernet
00:14:42: New iPads
00:15:52: HomeKit Upgrade
00:23:47: M2 iPad Pro and Ferrite 3
00:34:06: ProRes?
00:35:25: Final Cut vs DaVinci Resolve?
00:38:58: New HomeKit Gear?
00:40:39: Any new iPad apps?
00:42:23: Backing up podcasts
00:46:21: Password Management
00:48:28: Advanced Data Protection
00:54:05: Anything else?
00:55:27: YouTube.com/@BeardFM
00:55:48: Closing

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