Episode 154 – Thoughts on the M2 iPad Pro and 10th Generation iPad with Brent Clark

Brent Clark and Tim Chaten break down all of the announcements Apple made on October 18th, 2022; including the Apple TV 4K (3rd generation), the 10th Generation iPad, and the M2 iPad Pros.

YouTube Version of the Podcast

Video Extras

Links and Show Notes

Brent Clark on Twitter (@brentacPrime)

Marvel Alliance Podcast

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:01:44: Magic Keyboard Folio Tidbit
00:02:24: Support the Podcast
00:02:44: Brent Clark
00:03:18: Apple TV 4K (3rd Generation)
00:08:34: iPad 10th Generation
00:09:48: The Smart Connector/Colors/Keyboard
00:14:48: The Apple Pencil Situation
00:20:38: Price Jump
00:21:18: No Stage Manager
00:23:05: iPad Air?
00:29:36: M2 iPad Pro
00:33:06: New Pro Apps and Pro Res Capture
00:39:43: M2 Chip
00:41:21: No MagSafe and Other Random Tidbits
00:46:41: iPadOS 16.1
00:50:20: Some other tidbits
00:52:47: @BrentacPrime
00:52:56: Marvel Alliance Podcast
00:53:03: Live Recording
00:53:28: @iPadProsPodcast
00:53:34: Closing

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