Episode 163 – Mastodon, Subscriptions, Letterboxd, and more with Matt Birchler

Matt Birchler from BirchTree.me and A Better Computer on YouTube is back on the show. He was previously on episodes 74, 92, 114, 123, 131, 143, and 150. In this episode we touch on a bunch of different topics including Mastodon, RSS, the Sony Inzone M9 monitor, subscriptions, Matt’s move to Todoist, Letterboxd, and Adobe’s AI Voice Enhancement beta.

To close out the episode we go totally off topic with a spoiler filled discussion of The Last of Us; both the games and the first episode of the new HBO series.

YouTube Version of the Podcast


Adobe Voice Enhancements
Matt’s Review of the M9
The Last of Us (Part 1)
The Last of Us on HBO
Matt on Mastodon
Matt on Letterboxd
A Better Computer on YouTube

Chapter Markers
00:00:00: Opening
00:02:19: Audio Enhancement Demo
00:02:52: Original Audio Sample
00:03:13: Apple Enhanced Audio
00:03:40: Adobe Enhanced Audio
00:04:24: Matt Birchler
00:05:02: Mastodon
00:20:43: RSS
00:23:56: Sony Inzone M9
00:32:12: Subscriptions
00:38:29: Adobe Voice Enhancements
00:40:42: Things vs. Todoist
00:43:10: Letterboxd
00:47:09: Where to Find Matt
00:47:43: The Last of Us (Spoilers)
01:05:04: Closing

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